The Mark Haralson Family
Oklahoma Panhandle
September 28, 2009


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Hello, I am Mark Haralson, primary contributor to this site and owner of a Oil & Gas Consulting Service called Five State Land Services, Inc.  My business consists of checking courthouse title, buying oil and gas leases and pipeline right of way.  My wife, Renee, is the owner of American Title and Abstract Specialists, Inc. which focuses on Real Estate transactions.  We came to know each other through our kids and running into each other at the courthouse all the time and married in Hawaii in 2006.

We have 7 great kids together, mostly grown and out of the house.  Check out their My Space pages under the links tab.  We raise alfalfa, quarter horses and longhorn cattle on our 360 acre Podunk Ranch and travel frequently with Renee’s Brother and Sister in law.  Scuba diving has been dominating our recent trips.  Can’t seem to get enough of it!  I will try to keep the News Page up to speed with our travels...

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Mark & Renee Haralson